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Bharat Udyog is a loan company providing personal loans for a short time. The amount goes up to Rs. 50,000. The tenure can be flexible.

It is a short process and if you meet our eligibility criteria then the documents are verified and approved and loan is granted. We aim to make the personal loan opting process easy and hassle-free.

To apply for a personal loan from Bharat Udyog, you would need-
- PAN Card
- Address Proof
- 3 Months Salary Slips
- Bank Statement of last 6 months

No, there are no charges for the application process .

You can apply for a maximum loan amount of Rs. 50,000 from Bharat Udyog But you may have to start with a lesser loan amount as per the eligibility and then eventually upgrade to a higher amount after successfully closing one loan from Bharat Udyog

Your application can be rejected right away if your profile does not meet our eligibility criteria.

You can use this loan in any way you want.

A loan can be repaid by a one-time amount or small EMIs

You should consider the following things -
Interest Rates
Repayment Flexibility
Processing Fee
Customer Service

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We strictly follow the RBI directive and have set up an effective Grievance Redressal Cell to handle and address all manner of grievances.
We always endeavour to carry out responsible lending, whereby we give just the loan which we know you will find convenient to pay back, but also recover our dues ethically. We never believe in any manner of high-handed or coercive recovery methods.
But in case you have any complaints we will take up the matter seriously and address the issue within 5 working days.

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